Wrongful Termination Under Protected Leave: Organ Donation

Erica was working with an event planning company. She had been with the company for the past three years and had been a witness to the exponential growth. Being one of the senior event planners, Erica had a vast client base and dedicated herself to each project fully. One of the things that made her dedication possible was that she did not have family, boyfriend, or any other commitments. Her best friend, however, had recently had a baby girl and named Erica the godmother. Seven years later, Erica was still with the company and Lily, her goddaughter, was in need of a kidney transplant. It turned out that Erica was a better match for Lily than either of her parents and she felt that it was her duty to help save Lily’s life. She filed for a medical leave of absence to undergo the surgery but some medical complications postponed the date of the surgery. Erica had been away from work at this point for three weeks and was forced to give up some of her clients to her co-workers. The owner, Lani, was not pleased with Erica’s absence and did not make her feelings a mystery. In the midst of the surgery, and the emotional roller coaster her best friend’s family was going though, Erica did her best to work from the hospital. Once Erica had the surgery, she was certain she would be able to get her life back into order. Lani had been keeping tabs and, as soon as Erica was out of surgery, demanded that Erica come back to work to deal with a crisis. She was unable to leave due to doctors’ orders but Lani figured she had taken too much time off and was being insubordinate. She threatened Erica’s job on the phone and when Erica did not show up, she fired her. Erica’s best friend felt bad about the stress she had caused Erica and contacted a wrongful termination Attorneys in Orange County CA to help her sort out the situation. 

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