The Recording Connection And Music As Part Of People’s Lives

I’ve always been interested in the field of music and my family has supported me all throughout my fondness for music. Since I was a child, they enrolled me in piano, guitar and violin lessons which I enjoyed so much because aside from meeting new people and friends, I learned better about musical instruments because I talk and study with people with the same interest. This is the reason why when I went overseas to study my master degree, I still continued to enroll in music schools like Recording Connection. It is just amazing to know that other professionals like me still wanted to learn a different field, sometimes, even far more different that their profession. For instance, I met a lawyer in The Recording Connection Audio Institute who has been studying about sound engineering for almost a year. I was surprised knowing that a seemingly serious person like him is interested in sound engineering. But what is more amazing to know is that music has been part of his life even during his younger years. He told me that he knows how to play the percussion and has always been part of the church choir before he entered law school. He told me that music really makes him happy and inspires him in every way and that sound engineering seemed a unique field of music to study because it involves some technicalities. It just proves that no matter what age and stage of life one is, the love for music is just the same and that it inspires people in many different ways.

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