Should Adrienne Bailon Really Be Dishing Insults And Cutdowns To Britney Spears?

Yes, I know that Britney Spears has been given a bad rep for her unstable behavior a few years back, but she has made a strong comeback on the hit show “The X-Factor”, and has even come out with some new music. So, why is Adriennce Bailon of all people throwing insults and cutdowns at poor Britney? She has recently released a statment that is a little more than harsh basically calling Britney an airhead and stupid.

She told another talk show that Britney “Can’t hold a conversation and had handelers feeding her lines on the X-Factor.” My question is what could Adrienne stand to gain by making these statments. She is just a backstage commentary person on the show. She is not even a judge or anyone of importance. Completely replaceable, period. So, is this just a funny joke or prank designed to get people tuned into the X-Factor, just like the American Idol Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey cat fight. You would think that some social climber like Adrienne Bailon would know better than to make comments like this. She is one job away from being a no body.

The only reason Adrienne Bailon is still in her fifteen minutes is because she dated a Kardashian. Oh, and by the way, did I forget to mention that this idiot tatooed Rob Kardashian’s name on her ass and still has it there. So, before Adrienne thinks of insulting someone else maybe she should think about the glass house she lives in. Let’s just say Britney Spears blonde jokes are off limits if you have dated a Kardashian. Adrienne Bailon better be careful, because Chris Crocker will be after her soon! “Leave Britney Alone!”

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