Realization being in the best affordable film school

I was watching a movie last night as part of our task for the coming monthly examination in school. I am a student at the best, affordable film school in the United States, the Film Connection. We were instructed to choose a movie and evaluate it based on its general production. We have to thoroughly examine it and come up with all the good and bad results based on our observation. It took me quite a long time before deciding what movie to evaluate since there are lots of movies in my collection and I like all of them. Finally, I decided to go with a shark movie because as far as I could remember, it looked like everything is already there in terms of special effects, camera tricks, cheesy and tricky lines, and even the storyline was quite unique. I enjoyed watching the movie as I take down notes the whole time. I find it funny because when I watched this movie the first time, maybe about 6 months ago, I could not remember noticing any of the observations I have come up with. All I remember was that it was a good movie, I enjoyed the suspense, the thrill, the comedy and a bit of drama and even the bit science fiction that was part of it. I guess, being in the Film Connection really molds a person into an expert when it comes to film production. I realized then that I really want to be a film producer.

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