Gifts for Groomsmen Under $20 Each at Gunther Gifts

When it comes to selecting groomsmen gifts, the first thing you need to figure out is how much you want to spend per gift and how many groomsmen you have. Many guys are so strapped for cash that they want to spend right at about $20 on each wedding party gift. So, if you have 5 guys, that’s $100. That’s not too bad.

You can find gifts for groomsmen under $20 at Gunther Gifts online. The top choice for many guys is the Groomsmen Gifts Glass Mug. It is a big 25 ounce American made restaurant quality beer mug that can hold any beverage. It works for all your groomsmen, even the ones that don’t drink beer. You can fill it up with a big old soda if you want. The glass is made by Libbey Glassware in the United States and is sturdy just like you’d expect at a restaurant. The engraving is free right now so this is definitely a bargain you won’t want to pass up. It is big and substantial. Hand them out and even use them at the rehearsal dinner.

Another option is a Zippo lighter. You can get engraved Zippo lighters for all your guys and still stay under $20 each if you go with some of the chrome finish Zippos. These basic styled lighters are perfect for guys that don’t want a bunch of unnecessary frills. All guys think Zippo lighters are cool and Zippos are super cool because they too are made in the United States. It’s nice to support Americans when you purchase gifts. Gunther Gifts does the engraving in house and has been doing it since 1999. The lighters even come with a free belt pouch right now when you order with Gunther – while supplies last.

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