Culinary Connection: Different Than the Rest

I am an aspiring chef. I am not kidding because I go to different lengths in learning new things. When I was 7 years old, I went to every baking seminar I can go to. I participate in fairs to get people to notice and taste the pastry I made. After my enchanted love affair with sweets, I went after the drama of cooking pasta and its varied forms. After I understood what makes good pasta, I studied how it was made in Asia and other countries. I know now that there are different styles in cooking but the result yields a very good meal. Since then, I didn’t want to do anything in life than a cook. I dreamt of being a cook because my father called himself that. Later on, the sophistication settled in as I went to view Culinary Connection as I was tempted by the red line that said click here. I love every detail in the website. I love how real my dreams are now. I love how I can be a chef and learn from the best chef in town. I love how their curriculum ensures that I can have self study and after this, I will be able to practice side-by-side with a chef. In addition to that, they assure that I can practice and have my practicum with a restaurant of my choosing. I cannot wait to graduate high school and start my life and to start doing what I want to do.

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