Criminal Records and Job Denial

There are a rather significant number of people who have been through the courts system and who have also been denied a job because of their criminal past and sometimes it is an act that might have had some specific relevance to the job for which a person was applying while other crimes might have only been something that meant a person was cursed with a criminal record which became an issue when they applied for a job.

Sometimes certain jobs will have a space on the application form where a person must fill in the blank as to whether they might have had any sort of time spent in the criminal courts and occasionally such questions might warrant speaking to an EEO attorney to see if any of the issues regarding one’s past criminal history is something that can’t otherwise hold them from getting a job. Often the rights regarding a person as far as getting employment versus the rights of an employer to choose who to hire are a gray area that is hard to decipher in the legal sense.

It is important to consider that not absolutely every individual who otherwise has a criminal past is eligible for various employee protections simply because they assume the reason that they were denied employment was because they had a blemish on their record. There’s no doubt that when someone has been accused of a crime and then gone to jail for it that obtaining employment after that stint in prison is going to be like a wholly different experience.

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