Car Accident Led to BK

A few months ago a friend of mine was driving home from work and fell asleep at the wheel.  He caused an accident where the other party was severely injured.  It wouldn’t have been such a big deal but his insurance expired for which he was unaware.  He himself had gotten into an accident where he was injured and in the hospital.  While in the hospital his insurance had expired without his knowledge.  Therefore, my friend was left responsible for the accident without any insurance.  He was hoping he could work something out with the other party but he was sued in a matter of a few months.  Unable to defend himself the other party was awarded a judgment.  At that point my friend met with a few Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys who advised him that Chapter 7 bankruptcy was a good option to eliminate the debt and wipe out the judgment.  Shortly after the creditor received judgment my friend’s wages were being garnished.  He lost 25% of his income for quite awhile.  Finally he was able to come up with the money to pay Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer and stop the garnishment.  The Chapter 7 bankruptcy lasted about 6 months and his hearing went smoothly.  In the end he was able to eliminate 50k of credit card debt and a judgment of 200k from the personal injury lawsuit.  It wasn’t something he wanted to do or was proud of but in the end it was the right decision for him.  It took him quite awhile to find the right bankruptcy lawyer.

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