Arjuna Ranatunga Vows to help Pakistan cricket

It is great news for Pakistan that the former Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga has promised to help Pakistan to bring international cricket back to this country. Almost four years before an unfortunate incident of terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team warned all other countries about the security concern international players in Pakistan.

Ranatunga in an interview that was also broadcast on Live PTV Sports  stated he understood very well the pain through which the Sri Lanka team went through in that particular incident and he also realize the sort of concerns that the international players have about the security when they go to play in a foreign country. He said that despite all such circumstances this thing cannot be ignored that Pakistan is a wonderful place to play cricket. Therefore he would do everything in his capacity to get revival of international cricket in Pakistan. Such thing would also be big news for the PTV Sports Live Cricket.

He further advised the government of Pakistan to develop a comprehensive security plan about the security. In addition he stated that for all the security measurements that government of Pakistan take it should take international cricket on board.

He referred the security measures that were taken during the Asia Cup in Pakistan and stated that government should take same sort of measures again. During that tournament all teams including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India were quite satisfied. This interview given by Sri Lanka captain is available on PTV Sports Streaming .

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