Advantages Provided By A Live Blood Test

Live blood test (red blood cell or erythrocyte) is different from other traditional medical bioanalytical blood tests for which blood samples are preserved for their autopsy and for the analysis of their cell counting and composition on a laboratory. The live blood test implies to amplify a single drop of live blood 1000 times or more on a microscope of a dark field. Red blood cells live for many hours, and with the help of a video camera it is possible to observe them in a monitor revealing certain patterns and subtle characteristics.

The problem with a traditional blood test is that it requires a dried sample of blood, or a sample of blood which has been outside the organism for too long, therefore many active agents inside the blood may not be alive or active on such a sample of blood at the time of analysis. Live blood tests involves the analysis of a sample of blood just a few minutes after it has been extracted, therefore in this case all the active agents on blood remain in optimal state just like they were inside the organism, thus a live blood test is considered as one of the most precise images of the actual conditions of blood stream.

Though microscopic analysis of live blood cell has been used from the beginning of twentieth century, only with the emergence of new technology as video cameras and monitors, it is possible for the patient to get involved on the process of analysis, it makes much easier for the doctor to explain the condition and it is much easier for the individual to understand what the situation is.


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