Ribbon In The Shops

Weddings have for long been the places of color and pomp. In every wedding, designers try their best to make everything look colorful. That said, you must have realized that no wedding goes down without ribbon. Why? Unless something else more symbolic and trendy is discovered, ribbon-decorations will be the norm in all important social functions. Whilst weddings re becoming expensive each day, ribbons are still cheap and relevant.

You have seen them used in the back of guests’ chairs, on invitation cards and even on gifts. Some couples even feature them on their cakes and that even makes the cake a little bit trendy. In many jewellery outlets, ribbon has become more common. While you are used to its traditional uses of trimming Christmas trees, decoration of homemade cards, decorating gift wraps and more, most jewellery shops use it to wrap their accessories.

Golden watches, rings and chains look more appealing when hanging on ribbon in the shops. It is usually thin with necklace fastenings on the ends. When paired with jewellery, a fashionable and whimsical look is achieved. With many colors to choose from, ribbon bands can be used in almost every occasion to enhance color and make the occasion more trendy.

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