Tokina 11-16 Canon Water and Oil Repellant

The water and oil repellant qualities of the Tokina 11-16 Canon is making life much easier for me. I have the nasty habit of accidentally touching the front part of the lenses I use when I switch lenses on my Canon camera body. I was therefore very relieved to hear that the Tokina has a special water repellent coating at the front end of the lens. Apparently the manufacturers used a special evaporation method to apply a unique coating to the front of the lens’ surface. This means that the lens now repels both water and oily substances, making it much easier to clean. I can certainly attest to that, and am very happy that I don’t have to stress as much about the results of possible fingerprints on my Tokina. I have however also discovered that it is better to install a compatible UV filter to the lens permanently, to reduce both lens flare and when the filter scratches, it is less costly to replace than the lens.

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